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  I am Pride. I disdain to have any parents. I am like to Ovid’s flea: I can creep into every corner of a wench; sometimes, like a periwig, I sit upon her brow; or like a fan of feathers, I kiss her lips; indeed I do—what do I not? But, fie, what a scent is here! I’ll not speak another word, except the ground were perfum’d, and covered with cloth of arras.

From Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe

What would be the most ironic cover for a high class prostitute?  


How can you be in love with a man yet be in love with your wife?


Can you come back to a life and people you scorned?


The answer to these questions and the catalyst behind the theme of Ovid's Flea is PRIDE . In the realm of seven deadly sins Pride gets a bad rap: for without it we’d never stand up for ourselves but taken too far it can be our undoing. 


SYNOPSIS: There was a time when Viola and Kimberly had it all; success, fortune and best of all, their “delicious joke” – an escort service run by 2 well-educated women with the flawless cover of a psychology practice. After falling in love with Henry, an out of state john, Viola scorns the business and her way of life, leaving New York to become a Mississippi housewife and mother to Henry’s son, Julian. Now, 10 years later, running from her abusive, homophobic, alcoholic husband, Viola heads back to New York, with an 18-year-old, gay Julian. Without Viola, Kimberly has spent the decade wrestling her own demons, alone. Disillusioned and at war with the ghost of her deceased former boyfriend, Kimberly seeks solace in plastic surgeries in an effort to recapture her youth. Soccer dad and reformed gay party boy, Jesse, has come to New York to spend a romantic weekend with his lover, Mark, who has slightly different plans. Back home in Michigan, Jesse’s wife, Annie regrets allowing him to attend a conference in New York while she is left alone with their 2 children, and the anniversary of her brother’s suicide. But as Viola and Julian arrive in New York to explore a new life Henry is heading north to bring them home… and to their senses. 

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